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Camp Uplift


Camp Uplift is an eight week long free summer camp that gives inner-city boys opportunities to experience fun activities like canoeing, fishing, archery, basketball, bowling, roller skating, swimming, etc.  There are daily Bible studies with the boys, in which they are challenged to apply the truths that they have been taught to their everyday experiences.  They are also challenged to hide the word of God in their hearts through Bible memorization.  The boys also serve their community by helping build playgrounds for inner-city day care centers each summer for one week.



Uplift Ministry participates in a Christian inner-city sports league provided by the Atlanta Youth Project.  We have two teams that participate in Flag Football and two teams that are involved in Basketball.  These sports activities give us the opportunity to share the gospel, and to see many boys pray to receive Christ and grow in that relationship.

Leadership Training


Uplift Ministry desires to help build leaders that will impact their community, church, family, school and business.  By using such resources as Dr. Tim Elmore’s “Habitudes,” as well as the wise counsel and testimony of local Christian businessmen, our boys are challenged to trust God to empower them to impact their world for Christ and to excel in whatever area God has called them to be involved.

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